Annual Expenses

Cost of living in Australia

Want to plan your living expenses in Australia? We’ll help you.
An individual will need approximately $20,000 each year and an average family needs around
$50,000 a year to get by in Australia.

The cost of living may be above or below stated amounts depending on where you live, and
this estimate doesn’t include the cost of any social, sporting or other recreation activities.
Surprisingly, Food is the second highest cost followed by car costs which include petrol,
insurance, registration, parking and public transport fares.

Cost of Living

Accommodation costs
  • Hostels and guesthouses: $85 to $145 per week
  • Shared rental: $90 to $220 per week
  • On campus: $95 to $285 per week
  • Homestay: $240 to $330 per week
  • Rental: $170 to $450 per week
Living expenses
  • Groceries and eating out: $90 to $290 per week
  • Gas and electricity: $40 to $150 per week
  • Phone and Internet: $30 to $50 per week
  • Public transport: $20 to $45 per week
  • Car (ongoing cost): $160 to $270 per week
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